About us

The M2M Foundation was founded in 2021 but has a long history.

Since 2012, we have been going to Uganda every year to give training there. We have built up our network in the country. This network not only helps us to prepare and coordinate the various trainings but also helps us spreading the words when young people share their experiences.

We are

Ilona Pouels /Chairman

Ever since she was little, Ilona has cared about others who are less fortunate. As a primary school child, for example, she already collected money for poor children in Poland and after her studies she did voluntary work for a year in India and Bangladesh. She has always had a ‘something’ with Africa: she lived in Burkina Faso for 9 months and made a tour through Namibia and Botswana with her family and 3 children in a jeep and tent. She has been teaching in Uganda since 2018, which she experiences as a special and direct way to help others build a better life.

Marije Boot / Secretary 

The taste and smell of Uganda was introduced to her from a young age. And she never let go of that feeling. In 2006 she taught during a sabbatical at several schools in Mutolere and the desire to do more for young people has been fuelled. She has been giving training to young people for several years now, with great pleasure!

Adwin Goos / Treasurer

Although he just experienced Uganda for the first time in 2021, Adwin already gave his commitment and energy to the foundation. His leading motive is: ” If you are able to contribute because you have the means and time, you simple have to do this”. 

Geert Jan Heusinkveld / Member

Wanting to experience something different from the Dutch regulated society, Geert Jan ended up working in Uganda. He now is hooked by the way of living and working in this beautiful country. He loves to go camping and cycling in the wild nature of Uganda after his working days in the coffee industry. He is our Man-in-Uganda to give us all details about current situations.

Organisation of the Foundation

We are a foundation that was originally set up in 1983 from personal ties with Uganda.

Philip Boot and his wife Nelleke Boot worked in two hospitals in Uganda in the early 1970s. Marije Boot went along as a little baby. Their son Sander was also born in Mutolere. After returning to the Netherlands, friendships remained, which are now carried on by the next generation. This means that we as a Foundation have also been able to establish and maintain reliable and long-term contacts.

The initial purpose was to mainly send goods for local hospitals and schools. Later the focus shifted to financial support for the construction of dormitories, classrooms, toilets for various schools in Kisoro district, in the South-West of Uganda. This took place under the flag of the Vledder Helpt Uganda foundation (from 2005 the name became Vledder Helpt). Later the foundation developed in the direction of supporting and training young people in talent development and entrepreneurship.

The roots that the Vledder Foundation has in the local community in Vledder has been its strength for a long time, but at some point, it also became a limitation. This prompted part of the foundation’s board to set up a new foundation with a new name.

A new board has taken office from 2021. To reinforce the new focus and energy, the foundation has been given a new name: Master2Morrow. We gratefully continue to build on everything that has been established and achieved in recent decades and we dream of further developing and creating impact working with young people in Uganda!


We do the job as directors without financial compensation. For the work as trainers/facilitators we are compensated (from fundraising) for basic expenses. We can do our work thanks to donations from various supporters including:
  • Generous entrepreneurs who donate part of their turnover
  • Friends of Master2Morrow who donate an annual contribution of €50 or more
  • Annual fundraising activities (see our overview of activities)
  • Annual donations from individuals or companies that support our philosophy
  • Training contributions from all training participants
Income is spent on:
  • Accommodation for the participants of the training including food and drinks. The trainers pay for their own accommodation
  • Materials for the training sessions
  • Expenses for the website and materials promotions
Financial Statements

As a foundation, we are not only obliged, but we also think it is important to provide insight into the way in which we spend our funds. Our annual accounts are also audited and approved by an accountant. The annual accounts and the approval can be viewed below. The foundation is applying for an ANBI quality mark.

Jaarrekening 2021 Stichting Master2Morrow