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Make a difference today.

There are several ways in which you can make a difference with us. You can join us to Uganda as a trainer. We are also happy to have you as a donor of the foundation. And you can also help with ongoing initiatives such as microfinance, partnership development, or fundraising.

For our continuity, we depend on people who support us financially. In that way you indirectly contribute to the development of the talents, and entrepreneurial skills of young people in Uganda.

Microfinance, partnership development, and fundraising are activities that we are taking to a higher level. Your energy and enthusiasm are always welcome! You may have a good network yourself that the foundation can use. We can discuss together what and how you want to contribut

Are you curious about Uganda and its cultures? Do you want to contribute to the training content and curriculum? In that case you are also very welcome to join us on one of our trips to Uganda. There you can transfer your knowledge and experience directly. We think it is important everyone speaks and shares from their own experiences. We do the same as supervisors/trainers.
You will not only share, you will surely also learn yourself, through the experience of traveling and working in Uganda and through the life stories of others. We invite you to join us!

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