Current Activities

In 2023 we focused on establishing an official collaboration with local partners.

2024 will be the year we give our support to the local MasterTeam.

In november 2023 we  provided training in 3 different goals.
1. women empowerment
2. advanced businessdevelopment
3. training our local MasterTeam

During the training courses we work together with local partners who provide us with information about what is necessary and desirable in the local circumstances. We believe it is important to develop sustainable partnerships with activities that are in line with local circumstances. That’s why we like to work together with our former participants who have developed a local foundation to support young people in their development.  By creating this partnership we can guarantee the continuation of the training by local trainers without us needed in Uganda. 

Jumping to the next level!

After 10 years of building a strong fundament, we are ready to take the next step! We feel our work can only grow and be more effective if we have a local team who can support our dream of helping young people to create their own future with a stable financial perspective. That’s why we will support a group of 10 enthusiastic and loyal local partners to become the MasterTeam for M2M. This team is going to organise the training for talentdevelpment and basis businessdevelopment. They also will organise the follow-up training for the participants to ensure the continuation of the knowledge and skills they have been taught. We want to guarantee an income for this team as well, so they can be committed to our shared dream and work that needs to be done. 

We are looking for entrepreneurs who believe in the power of entrepreneurship as a way to fulfill your dreams and realize a flourishing business. if you are interested in supporting our ideas, please contact us via We will explain the different options you can choose from! 


Business for Business

It makes so much sense to us, doing business and earning your own money is completely normal here. Unfortunately, things are different in Uganda. Unemployment is enormous and the chance of building a good life is small. If we can help a young entrepreneur successfully build their own business, we often not only help his or her family, but the community benefits as well. Sounds simple. And that is actually the case for you: we ask you what you can spare, so that we can make more impact with our foundation. This year we will again help 30 people take the next step; will you help and support one or even more of them?

Entrepreneurship helps break the cycle of poverty. People can stand on their own two feet and provide their income. This has a direct positive impact on the local community. That is why we believe in giving starting entrepreneurs the ideas, skills and confidence to escape poverty and realize their dreams.

In addition to the focus on entrepreneurship, we also focus specifically on women with the women empowerment training. We encourage women to find their own strength and self-confidence to give their lives a positive spin. Investing in women has far-reaching impact, because women are more likely to spend their income on the education, nutrition and health of their children. This gives an entire generation a better chance at a better future.

We have been providing training and training local trainers in Uganda for more than 10 years. We have built a strong network and our local partners contribute significantly to our success. In this way, together we create a sustainable, positive impact.

We offer different ‘sponsor-packages’. If you are interested, please read this flyer with all information you need! 

–> Read our leaflet in English:     Sponsor M2M English
–> Read our leaflet in Dutch:       Sponsor M2M Dutch

We are so proud of our MasterTeam!



Learning from the past
Learning in the moment
Learning from the future……

Our LEADERSHIP TRAINING is focusing on creating the local MasterTeam to ensure that our Master2Morrow program is coordinated and performed by our local partners in Fort Portal (western Uganda). It took us 10 years to build this network of reliable and enthusiastic women and men that are able to carry out the plans they are making themselves this week.

The training is focusing on broading the perspective, seeing new opportunities by using Theory U, being self aware of your thoughts (helping and hindering) and prejudices. They experience all different stages of the Theory U and we share the theory behind it.
The members of this team are so eager to learn and to expose themselves to new experiences. Meanwhile it’s heavily raining meaning we hardly can hear each other speaking… maybe the rain is helping us to be silent and just BE with what is there…

On the shirt of one of the teammembers I can read the text “The only one who can tell you  “YOU CAN’T” is yourself. And you DON’T have to listen”.

Let this experience of today be the fertile soil to build new ideas and plans to root Master2Morrow in everyday life of the youth in this area!