Current Activities

In 2022 we focused on adding new levels to our training.

In 2023 we wish to establish an official collaboration with local partners.

In november 2022 we provided training in 4 different goals.
1. women empowerment
2. advanced businessdevelopment
3. advanced train the trainer
4. supporting studentbusinessteams

During the training courses we worked together with local partners who provided us with information about what is necessary and desirable in the local circumstances. We believe it is important to develop sustainable partnerships with activities that are in line with local circumstances. That’s why we like to work together with our former participants who have developed a local foundation to support young people in their development.  By creating this partnership we can guarantee the continuation of the training by local trainers without us needed in Uganda. 

A very welcome donation

For her 50th birthday Marije received a great gift from her friends. Her former soccer team raised money by doing all kind of chores for each other and for friends and family. They even mad a little booklet with all the stories about these activities. Together they raised an amount of 500 euro and 50 cents. 

We all appreciate the effort and the love these women gave us in our support of the young people in Uganda. Webale Njo! 

Marije's fundraising bike ride in Karamoja 2021

In October 2021 Marije travelled to Karamoja to join the Ride Karamoja mountain bike event. The event started on the lower savannah plains in Pian Upe Wildlife reserve in north east Uganda, and curls through the woodlands of Kenya’s West Pokot, onto the East African Rift escarpment and finally slopes into the award-winning Kidepo Valley National Park.

A 500 km challenge to not only enjoy the country and culture, but also a great opportunity to raise for funds for Master2Morrow. Watch the video to see and read more about the event and about what drives Marije to join. 

Marije successfully finished this ride, although she suffered the common struggles like flat tires and fatigue, like all participants. But the feeling of the joined effort and beautiful sceneries and camaraderie made her decide to join the ride again in 2022!