What we do

Our goal is to promote entrepreneurship and self-reliance. Self-reliance grows by investing in skills, competences, and self-confidence. We believe in taking control of your own future, hence our name Master2Morrow.

At Master2Morrow we offer trainings to young people. Our inspiration comes from young people with dreams who have the power to change their world. We are touched by the eagerness to learn and to develop their skills. We are inspired by the responsibility the young people have to be the master of their own future and their aim to contribute to their own community.

You can read our ambitions in our businessplan. Unfortunately the current businessplan is in Dutch. We are going to translate it for you asap!

What do we offer

Support young people by giving them insight into their own talents

Train and support young people with their own company

Train trainers to provide talent and business training independently

Guide schools in curriculum development around talents and entrepreneurship 

We do all this through our training courses under the Master2Morrow Foundation (M2M). With this name we emphasize that it is about mastering one's future. Through years of experience and a strong network in Uganda, we create meaningful impact on individuals and the community.

We connect with existing networks in both Uganda and the Netherlands. Over the years, passionate ambassadors have supported us and stood up for our projects. Ambassadors are both former participants of our training courses and people who believe in the power of what we do.


Talent Development training.

Discover and utilise your talents. Get insight into your own talents increase your self-confidence, supporting you to take the steps forward

Train-the-Trainer training.

Participants are trained to give talent development training to young people in their own network. By disseminating knowledge in this way, we increase the impact of our training courses. 

Business development training.

This training is aimed at young entrepreneurs, to help them develop their ideas and make big dreams come true in small steps  

Working with teachers and students.

Enhance the curriculum and train teachers and students in entrepreneurship.

To be in control yourself. That means exploring what you are good at and how you can use that as an entrepreneur, in your daily life and in your own community.